Awakening!Anders, in hindsight.


I made a list of some of Anders’ Awakening dialogues a long while back to post in response to someone’s DA Confession that said they believed Justice ‘ruined’ Anders and made him ‘depressed’. It wasn’t anything special, there were approximately 23849342 other comments that said the same exact thing. And the same complaints STILL circulate, even now. I no longer look at confession blogs, but I did save the list, and it’s useful as a reference tool if nothing else.

These things are all very easy for players to miss, and I’m sure almost everybody has missed at least a few of these, unless they normally reload their game ten times per conversation just to see every possible response.

When you first meet him in Vigil’s Keep:

Warden: You’re not a Grey Warden? You’re an apostate?
Anders: That’s what they call someone who doesn’t believe in being chained up in the tower, so yes, I suppose I am.

Warden: Not too fond of them, huh? (re: Anders being crass about the dead templars)
Anders: Oh, I know, I know. Most people enjoy being kicked in the head to be woken up each morning. Me, I’m just so picky.

Warden: That’s inhuman! (re: Anders being crass about the dead templars)
Anders: That’s what he would call me whenever he kicked me in the head, so I guess it was pretty accurate, right?

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