100 117 DAYS OF DRAGON AGE (July 24)

Pick a passage from a DA book, comic, game, or from the Wiki.  Read, record, and post it.

My dear Ambassador,

I don’t believe we’ve met, so allow me to introduce myself. I am First Enchanter Vivienne, Enchanter to the Imperial Court of Orlais, personal advisor to the Empress.

A rumor has reached my ears that you plan on attending the salon held at the duke’s summer estate three weeks hence. I’m certain this rumor must be a scandalous falsehood, Ambassador, as neither you nor anyone else from the Nevarran embassy has been issued an invitation. As host of the party, I trust you did not intend to crash it like some unwashed workman drunk on three tankards of ale and a dare.

I know you are only seventy-third in line for the Nevarran throne, but that is hardly so lowly a position as to relegate you to trailing after Comtesse Montbelliard in the hope that she might give your suit a moment’s thought. She won’t, my dear. She only likes men with self-respect. Perhaps you might sober up and acquire some?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, Ambassador, that the world has become a dangerous place. Wars rage across the continent, the sky is torn open, and many say the end of the world is upon us. During such chaotic times, it behooves those of us in power to aid in the restoration of peace and the establishment of order. Lives have already been lost; should we not save those we can? In that spirit, I give you this friendly warning: I am not to be trifled with. I would not be in a rush to hasten my own demise if I were you, darling. If the demons have their way, it will come soon enough.

Most sincerely,

Madame de Fer

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I have so, so, so much sympathy for City Elves.

Like, no one gives two shits about any of them. Humans can get away with murder, rape and theft towards them. Some of the Dalish even call them ‘Flat Ears’ and look down on them.

No one seems to understand why the City Elves don’t fight back against their oppressors. Every other Origin gets a weapon when they start, or has some way of fighting, but Tabris has nothing. Cousland, Mahariel, Aeducan, Brosca all get physical weapons when they start. Amell and Surana have magic to protect them. Tabris has the clothes on their back, and is supplied weapons by Duncan. City Elves don’t have anything. No way to fight back, no weapons, no armour, nothing.

They’re stuck in poverty, constantly being crushed by Shems, but there are those who stick together and look out for their community, no matter what. 

I love City Elves so much, and I’m constantly disappointed we haven’t seen any uprisings yet in the games. Okay, fine, Mages vs Templars, Qunari vs The Chantry, that’s all great, but we’ve seen it before. Let’s have a plot that focuses on the City Elves.